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Welcome to AMMS

AMMS is offering cleaning solutions and Janitorial service to businesses situated Lahore, Faisalabad , Rawalpindi and Islamabad . AMMS is an affordable full janitorial and human resource company experienced in a wide range of services from basic to expanded cleaning at economical prices. We use our own experienced and trained employees, not subcontractors. Our all clients are supervised and inspected on a regular basis to assure you of a clean building. Routine building inspections for Quality Assurance are an integral part of our cleaning system in order to make sure you are getting what you are paying for. We are quick to respond to our customers needs and request to make sure you get total solution of Support services and clean building.

AMMS is unique from all the other providers of janitorial services you have come across in the past. Most providers of janitorial services put forth the minimum amount of effort required to get the job done, because they think they can maximize profits that way.

We know better. We know that it's in our best interest to keep our customers happy long-term, and there are a few ways we accomplish this. First, we ensure that our employees consistently provide high-quality janitorial services, with an attention to detail that you'll notice after the first cleaning.

Second, we make customer satisfaction a top priority. We make sure the lines of communication are crystal clear so that any questions or concerns you may have are addressed immediately. We always wait to have the opportunity to exceed your expectations!

AMMS understands the concerns of our customers, and we make sure to provide quality office cleaning and human resource services for your company.